Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Friday and Gorgeous Too

Today is Friday, March 16, 2012. A gorgeous day! It was just beautiful yesterday, in fact George even cut the front of the yard. It smelled so of Spring!

The is the first week that George has been back in town working and I am loving it! We set the table for three instead of two. Young son really disliked the fact that there was only two plates on the table at supper time, he expressed this every night that his dad was not here. We have always sat down at supper as a family and ate, shared our day. I guess we both really missed his especially at supper. Keeping our fingers crossed that the work here lasts and just doesn't last for a little while.

We or I should say George filed our taxes a few weeks ago on the computer. We have done this for as long as I can remember, no more paper filing for us. Any way he gets an e-mail that something is wrong with our taxes and he needed to contact the IRS. Lovely..... At that time he is working in Tampa and they have an IRS office there, no appointments. So after sitting there waiting almost eight hours, they call him back. It seems that someone has already been so kind as to file MY taxes for me. They used my name and social security number.

To be honest this really pissed me off! To think someone had the nerve to use my name and social security number! The IRS told him that they will find out who did it and they will prosecute them. I can't wait to see who did this! And yes NO matter who it is I want them prosecuted! So needless to say our return will be held up. We have racked our brains trying to figure out who could have gotten this information, we even burn our paper trash. The hospital and banks, mortgage company, personal and PayPal are the only ones that I can think of that has all of the information needed to file a tax return.

So now that we have a car here everyday I can get my shop going the weather is nice for taking pictures, wish me luck. We all know how well I do with that chore. Just beat me.....

Since taking out my tube, I can't use the other stoma covers that I had made. When breathing they get sucked into my stoma and really make it hard to breathe. So I have made these short, smaller ones. Will share the finished product tomorrow. Making one for me and two for the hospital. If someone you know needs them let me know and I will send you some, just let me know if you need the short ones or the longer ones. They are not hard to make, not really even time consuming and the big bonus is you can get three of them out of one fat quarter. Wishing everyone an awesome day, really enjoy your day today!

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today.~Brightest Blessing~

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  1. That's awful about your taxes. There are so many crooks in this world. About a year or so a go, someone had gotten hold of hubby's info, purchased three cell phones, and ran up a bill of over $1500. It had already messed up his credit because of going unpaid for so long. What a mess straightening it out. He had to file at the police station, show a copy of his credit report, and send everything to T Mobile. They still gave a hard time of taking it off his name. Not a violent person, but I sure would love to get hold of whoever did this.


It was nice of you to take time out of your busy day to stop by. Blessings to you and your family! (((HUGS)))