Monday, November 17, 2008

More Bonanzle Yule Gift Ideas

I have to say that Bonanzle is growing at a rapid pace. Not only are there new sellers joining Bonanzle everyday, the Bonanzle Booth owners are adding new items to their booths at an amazing rate. So much Yule shopping to be done on Bonanzle!

I just love this Bonanzle Booth At The Boutique at: She is always adding new items! You have stop in at least once a week just to keep up with the new items. Now if you like to make your Yule gifts, she has added some new items, herbs, candle and soap making supplies are the latest. Her prices are just great!
Peppermint Leaf Herb, 1 Ounce
Patchouli Herb, 1 Ounce $2.75
Cocoa_butter_thumb200 Cocoa Butter Prime Pressed Golden $5.00
Dragons Blood Fragrance Oil $2.00
38e2_1_thumb200 Unscented Incense Sticks 100 count bundle $2.99 If you have the time to make your own incense, she even explains how to do it! If you don't have time to make your own, she has so many different scents ready to burn for your pleasure!

11' Inch Incense sticks, 100 sticks, U Pick up to 5 scents
$2.25 That's 100 incense for only 2.25!
Sachetjuniper1_thumb200 Scented Sachets, Juniper Breeze $2.25
Euphoria_eo_body_oil_thumb200Pefume Body Oil, Euphoria Essential Oil Blend $3.00
Oatmeal_milk_and_honey_lg_sachet_thumb200Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Large Sachets, Set of 2 $3.50 This Bonanzle Booth has everything and wonderful gifts for all price ranges!

This next Bonanzle Booth Pumpkin Pye Boutique at:
is a fairly new Bonanzle Booth. She has some very unique items! Just take a look!
Dsc08368_thumb200 Clay Candle Wall Sconce $5.00 This is just a wonderful find! You aren't going to find a Yule gift for 5 bucks!
Dsc07825_thumb200 Large Lady Bug Polymer Clay Stud Earrings $8.00 These are just to cute!

Dsc08388_thumb200 Handmade Clay/Pottery Turtle Bowl $12.00 I can think a many ways to use this, just so unique! Make sure that you check out this new Bonanzle Booth!

This Bonanzle Booth Girls Horse Clothes 4U at: has the most unique serving utensils! Check these out!
Silverware_015j_thumb200 Stainless Steel Serving Pieces~ Salad Server~ Dessert Server $11.00
Ebay2_072j_thumb155_crop Ebay2_073j_thumb155_cropStainless Steel Serving Pieces~ Salad Server~ Dessert Server $21.00

Silverware_003j_thumb155_crop Silverware_004j_thumb155_cropStainless Steel Serving Pieces~ Salad Server~ Dessert Server $11.00 These sets would make great gifts! No two are alike!

Yule shopping at Bonanzle is made way to easy! There are Bonanzle Booths that take layaway, some have gift certificates, most still take money orders, Google Checkout and PayPal. There are still even a few that take personal checks! The folks at Bonanzle are just super easy to work with not to mention loads of fun! Come on over to Bonanzle and take a peak, make some new friends and have a stress free Yule season!

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  1. this is great and thanks again for featuring me in your blog the way you did! Its just fabulous :)

    I have personally purchased from @theboutique and her soaps are AMAZING! I plan on purchasing more from her! Wonderful items, great person, friendly, fast shipping, what more can one ask for?


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