Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Great Finds On Bonanzle For Yule!

Today I was thrilled to be chatting with a Sister in my Bonanzle Booth, when someone popped in to say Merry Meet! My little Bonanzle booth was getting a little busy. At Bonanzle you never know who is going to pop into your chat window. Anyway, this person starts chatting and come to find out also has a Bonanzle Booth!

Bonanzle Booth CatsPaw at: is just too kewl! Check out these tees you will love them! This is her own line that she designs! Just WOW!

Castcircledisplay_thumb200 New Cast a Circle! T-shirt *Colorful!* $13.00 Check out that price! What a fabulous Yule gift for $13!
Poofworkdonedisplay_thumb200 New Poof! My work here is done T-shirt. *fun!* $13.00
I just love this one! And look at the colors!
Catanalystdisplay_thumb200 My Cat is my Analyst T-shirt Fun for Cat Lovers! $13.00
Rhythm2display_thumb200 New Earth Rhythm/Song of Life T-shirt $13.00 She is adding more right now! She also takes money orders,paypal and google checkout and other payments. You have got to go check out this new Bonanzle Booth! Anyone can afford to shop here for Yule gifts and she does combine shipping!

A few years ago a friend of my got me to try mineral make-up, well I guess it has really been more than a few years ago. I thought, make-up is make-up, well let me tell you, it's not! I threw out all of my old make-up and have never bought anything else. This next Bonanzle Booth Forget Me Not's at: is wonderful and has yes, mineral make-up! The prices are great and the seller pays the shipping, so the price you see is the price you pay! Merry Yule!

Watermelon_thumb200 Mineral Makeup ~ WATERMELON Eye Shadow 5 Gram Jar $5.50
This watermelon color is just a wonderful color! Not to mention the price of only $5.50 or you can and I love this get samples for only $1.50. How many times have you bought a color and it has went in the trash? I figure I can have severl different colors without breaking the bank. Now for those of you that have never used mineral make-up, you have to understand that this stuff goes a long way! You will get more than one or two uses out of a sample!
Strawberry_blush_thumb200 Mineral Makeup ~ Strawberry Blush 20 Gram Jar $10.00 OBO
This is a stunning blush color for this time of year! Just love it! Also in samples.
N1_matte_foundation_thumb200 Mineral Makeup Matte Cover Foundation N 1 Sample $2.00
This Bonanzle Booth is wonderful for those who have never tried mineral make-up. I had to try three different colors of the foundation before I got the one that was right for me. Now let me tell you when you have to buy full size containers at full price, this is costly. This Bonanzle Booth allows you to try colors for only $1.50! Make sure if you have never tried mineral make-up to stop here, you will be so glad you did!

This next Bonanzle Booth Funky Garb's at: is just a totally awesome clothing booth! I love her clothes and her prices are just fabulous! I was thrilled to see Funky Garb's Bonanzle Booth, just thrilled!

114beige_thumb200 Tons of Embroidery! 2 Pc Hippie Set Pointy Jaggedy L $36.00 Can you believe a complete outfit for only $36! This is just a beautiful outfit!
Sh55red_thumb200 New Funky Hippie Pieced Beads & Shisha Shoulder Bag $13.00 This bag is just to cute and for the price, get two one for you and one for a friend!
7655close0105_thumb200 Urban Artsy Hippie Pieced & Beaded Jacket S SALE $19.00 This jacket is so pretty! And only $19! This lady has a super booth, just a buyers dream here! She does combine shipping! That is always a big thing with me. You have got to stop in and check out her booth!

If you need to chat with a Bonanzle Booth owner, send them an e-mail and set up a time. I love this feature! I can ask questions and get the answers right now and continue to shop without leaving my house or using my gas, no waiting in lines and they deliver right to my door. Some Bonanzle Booth owners are even offering gift wrapping. Now me I don't care for it, I want to see what I bought before I give it as a gift!

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