Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bonanzle Booth SNL Designs Is Having Her First Bonanza!

Bonanzle is a wonderful way to met new friends and find a few old ones too! I am still so excited about Sharon finding my Bonanzle Booth! Well today when I checked out the list of Bonanzas that are happening, I was very pleased to see that Sharon, Bonanzle Booth owner of SNL Designs at is having her first Bonanza on December 6, 2008 at 11 a.m. that is pacific time with 15% off!

Let me tell you this lady knows her stuff and knows what customer service is all about! There is nothing to worry about when it comes to buying from this seller. She is with you before, during and after the sale! Let me share a few of her items offered at Bonanzle.

Darkangelavatar_thumb200 Premade Dark Angel The secret Journey Banner and avatar $5.99 Now this is for the set for only $5.99 and if you want to make business cards to match your Bonanzle Booth check this out!
Ready Made Dark Angel Midnight Journey Business Card Design $12.99 So for less than $20 bucks you can make your booth your own! You can then send your business card that has your booth logo on it. How kewl is that? Beautiful work!

Dragonflyavatar_thumb200 Premade Dragonfly Moon Banner and Avatar $5.99 Again this price is for the set!
Ready Made Moonlight Dragonfly Business Card Design Customiz $12.99 She has so many different designs!

Blueelfavatar_thumb200 Premade Moonlight Mystic Elf Blue Banner and avatar $5.99

Elizaavatar_thumb200 Premade Elizabetha Gothic Princess Banner and avatar $5.99

Sharon has true talent and it shows! She is just a super asset to Bonanzle! Come on by her Bonanzle Booth SNL Designs and check out her work. Looking for something just for you? Talk with her and I am sure you will be thrilled at what she can come up with!

Stop on over at my Bonanzle Booth Brightest Blessings Wiccans at and say hello! Would love to chat! Make sure to stop in at Sharon's and welcome her to Bonanzle!

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