Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"I Know You!" In My Bonanzle Chat Box

When I started making handmade wooden Book of Shadows and other things for friends, I had no intentions of selling on line. However, as time went on I decided to open an e-bay store. I spent hours making it look just right. There was a lady there that sold auction templates and avatars.

I found just the perfect templates and my avatar! They were the ones that made my store, mine! I loved the look of my store when I was finished, my friends and family told me it looks wonderful.

You have to understand I know nothing about HTML coding, nothing. So when the templates arrived in my e-mail, oh my, I was lost. Not sure what I had expected to get, but this is not what I thought it was going to be.

Of course it came with instructions, but the whole thing might as well have been written in Spanish. I had no idea what a "break line" was or photo hosting or anything else these instructions were referring to.

I knew I wanted this template, I also knew I was way in over my head on this one. No, I need to figure this out and I was going to do it. The lady that I had gotten my templates from also sent me a link to "praticewriter", you can go and do your listings and see what they will look like as you are doing them. So I played for hours, trying to figure this out.

I got one done and to be honest it was ok, but there were boxes next to my pictures that had those little red x's , this was not to my liking.

To my surprise, Sharon took the time to go and see how I was doing with my new templates! Not to many sellers give a hoot after they have their money and shipped. For many that is the end of the story as far as they are concerned. Not Sharon!

Sharon took the time to e-mail me with step by step directions, and I do mean step by step directions how to get those boxes out of my pictures. She was wonderful. I had bought several different templates from her, however my favorite was the one that I changed them all to.

With all of the changing rules and the never ending fee increases on e-bay, I decided I had enough. I started selling my things at a price that most people could afford. There was no way I was going to continue selling and adding to the price to cover e-bay and PayPal fees.

I was reading the AuctionBytes and seen where someone had written saying that there was a new and really wonderful selling venue. If you want to know more about it to e-mail her. So I did, that was the most productive e-mail I have ever sent. She sent me an invitation to Bonanzle. Went there and spent some time reading the boards and checking out the place. Fell in love, opened an account and gave myself 30 days to close my store at e-bay. I was moving out, found a new home and was very excited about it!

Well, Bonanzle has an e-bay importer, great this is going to be so easy. Little did I know at the time, you can't have your HTML templates on Bonanzle. Oh my, what a mess I had imported! OK time to get to work and clean this mess up. I still had my avatar and banner! I was ok, with that, well for the most part.

Closing day came for my e-bay store and the only and I do mean the only thing that I missed was my templates! They were beautiful! The script at Bonanzle is different, so off I went to e-bay looking for Sharon! This new search thing going on, nothing ! Every search I did brought up all kinds of things, however not what I was looking for. Sharon still had to be there, surly she would have told her customers if she was leaving. After several attempts to find her, I gave up all hope that I would. My beautiful templates, filed on my computer in code.

To my surprise two days ago and I am soooo excited about this, someone came to my Bonanzle Booth and said, "Hey I know you!" Now this is like a phone call from someone that you have no idea who it is and hope that they just keep talking long enough for you to figure it out. Well, I finally had to fess up that I didn't know who it was. I felt very shallow, what a feeling. She then told me that SHE was the one that made my avatar! OH YES! NO WAY! All of the time that I had been looking for her and she found me! We talked and I now have her bookmarked as a favorite, because she is and don't plan on losing her again!

Sharon has opened a Bonanzle Booth SNL Designs at http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/dacholiday she is going to work on trying to make templates for Bonanzle! I am just so excited that I may get to have my template back to use again! I you are looking for quality work, and a seller that goes above and beyond customer service, Sharon is the one to go see! She is just wonderul and she doesn't treat you like you are bothering her. She is going to be a real asset to the Bonanzle community! Welcome to Bonanzle Sharon! I am so glad that you are here!
Make sure to stop in and say hey to her!

Today is Tickle Me Tuesday and I will be running a 15% off everything in my Bonanzle Booth Brightest Blessings Wiccans http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/BrightestBlessings


  1. That is too funny, and serendipitous. Ready for another one?

    Hey, I know you! I am the one who wrote back to you and invited you to Bonanzle.

    I am glad you came and I know that you are a valued and valuable member of our community. Well Come indeed!

  2. Like I said it was the best e-mail I have ever sent!
    I thank you for responding with the invite to Bonanzle! If you hadn't, who knows how long it would have taken me to find Bonanzle. Thank You again for taking your time to respond!


It was nice of you to take time out of your busy day to stop by. Blessings to you and your family! (((HUGS)))