Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brightest Blessings Aura Picture An "Old Soul"

Good Morning! Today is January 28, 2009 and a sunny at times morning. Not complaining at all. It is supposed to get back in the twenties this weekend. Maybe the weather man will be wrong about this, it wouldn't be the first time. Let's hope so.

The squirrels are loving the sunshine. Playing on the limbs like little monkeys. The sparrows and cardinals are in the feeder and the doves are waddling around pecking on the ground. They just don't care, very funny to watch them.

This is my aura picture taken by Ms Kay. Tried to scan it, however the scanner is not wanting to work with me this morning. So I did the next best thing and took a picture of it. Still not the colors that are in the picture, but this is all I could figure out to do.

Anyway, this is the old soul aura. Here is what Ms Kay has to say:
The very unique configuration of colors in this aura are indicative of a "very old soul". This is someone who has completed all their karma and will move on to a higher plane the next time around. They are always surrounded by angels. These souls are in transition and are here to help others in transition.

I was at first stunned and then this calming came over me. It was almost like a relief to know. I was talking to Patti, the shop owner, and she told me that she had also gotten her "old soul" aura picture too.

You know, death is hard on the living, not the dying. The ones that are left here are the ones that hurt and won't let go. The dying are the ones that know they will not suffer any longer, either physical or emotional.

Am I afraid of death? No, I worry more about my husband, kids and grandkids that will not continue to grow and live their lives. My husband is still not comfortable talking about death, however it is something that is going to happen to all of us.

When I move on to the next realm, I want the family to spend time in the kitchen together, making the biggest Mexican feast they have ever been to. Lay out that spread of food, sit together at the table talk with one another and have fun.

I remember a poem, don't remember who wrote it but it says, "Remember yesterday, Dream about tomorrow, But live today!"

Today I am going to make a couple of my clay Book of Shadows. I haven't made any of them in a while and think it is about time. They are very time consuming, but well worth the time. I love mine, use it for my journal. These are a clay cover with a wooden back. Then of course I have an herb pouch on it with stones, not to mention it is purple.

I hope to have them finished sometime this weekend and listed in my Bonanzle booth, Brightest Blessings Wiccans . Sharon of SNL Designs, contacted me yesterday about my templates and I am so excited. She does such wonderful work, and very easy to work with. That girl has so kind of talent! Boy is that going to be a chore to change all of my listings to templates, however more than worth it, the results will be just super.

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