Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Business At Brightest Blessings Bonanzle Booth

Good morning! Today is January 29, 2009 and a beautiful day it is! The sun is up and shinning. It's warm again! Well, maybe not that warm, but a whole lot warmer than it has been. Not going near the pool anytime soon.

This little rose bush is just growing! This is the purple rose bush that mom gave me that was all but dead and this is a picture of the shoot. It is about three feet tall and all kinds of new growth. I am just thrilled with this little guy, can't wait to see what he has to offer this summer.

Had to fill the feeder again this morning. But what joy that brings! So many sparrows this morning. The doves have been ugly to one another. I am not sure what this is all about. Usually they could care less what is going on around them, just waddle around pecking at the ground, they have never been to the feeder.

Business has been picking up every week! Love my new home at Bonanzle. New business cards, magnets, return address and soon to have matching templates by Sharon at SNL Designs. Can you tell that I am excited? She is having issues with the code that is used on Bonanzle, when we view them, they look great, then all of the white shows up and that isn't there to start with. Hopefully Bill will come up with an answer or solution so that I can get my templates. Going through the are we there yet feelings. This is the ONLY thing that I miss about e-bay. These templates made my store mine. With my new OOak design, they will make my booth mine here at Bonanzle.

Checking Google Analytics everyday to see what is and isn't working to bring traffic to my booth. You would be so surprised at what you think is a good thing and working only to find out it is a complete waste of time not to mention sends that bounce rate sky high. So needless to say, I have changed my way of promoting my Bonanzle booth. Going to stay away from the sites that cause such a high bounce rate. So far I have brought my bounce rate down by almost 10% and upped my new visitors up to 31%.

WOW! It is pouring down rain! What happened to the sunshine? Although we need the rain that was a real shocker.

Going to get busy making those clay and wood Book of Shadows this morning. Excited out doing them again!

If you get a few minutes stop over and say hey! Would love to chat!

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