Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brightest Blessings Bonanzle Booth

Today is Saturday, January 17,2009. A beautiful sunrise this morning, very cold here. Only a couple of sparrows this morning, maybe to cold for the other critters too.

Today I will get a few corn dollies made and maybe even list a couple of them to sell. Have to work on more Book of Shadows this week. Two more sold yesterday and a special order. Might even have time to work on my altar cloths.

Hubby's days off have been changed so that really messes me up on my work schedule here. Then of course I am never really sure of the day of the week. Today should be Sunday and it is Saturday.

Did talk him into expanding on his education and go for his IA certification. He will have no problem in getting it, just needs the push to do it. If you don't like where your job is going, then you have to look at your options and take action. There is no sense in being unhappy at a job, you spend to many hours of your life there.

Heard back from my friend and she is "back to normal" as she put it. Imagine that.....It's time to start thinking about all of the things that we don't need in our lives and the things that are important. Moving in new directions and letting go of the things that are no longer needed or good for us.

Please stop over at my Bonanzle booth and say hi. If there are things that you need, let me know, chances are good that I have them. Or things that you think that I should carry.

Brightest Blessings!

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