Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome To My Bonanzle Booth

Good Morning! Today is Wednesday, January 7,2009 rained here this early morning and is now a beautiful and cleansed day. I love to sit at my kitchen table and watch the critters. The little sparrows, there are so many off them that it looks like the ground is moving. Then come the doves, they bother no one and don't really seem to be bothered with anything going on around them. The squirrels love to play in the trees like they are kids on the monkey bars at the playground. Have had to rescue more than one from being stuck inside of the bird feeder.

The cardinals are another story. They come in pairs one male and one female. They don't seem to be very social critters, with each other or those around them. They will dive bomb each other and chase one another off.

Sharon at SNL Design has made my new avatar, let me tell you that you have no idea how many places you have an avatar until you are changing them. That is a project in it self to do. I think I am almost finshed changing them out, still know of two that I will do today.

I am still not used to this avatar. Yes she is nice, however I feel like I lost an old friend. Silly, I know. But that doesn't change anything.

I was looking at her last night when my son of 12 years asked me, why did you change your avatar? I asked him if he liked it and he said, well. Well's with this child is going somewhere, I know that I am either not going to like or have lots of explaining to do.

He said, "Mom, I don't like her." What? I was so shocked, my chin was on the floor and speechless, which is something that doesn't happen to me. Ok, let's be calm about this he is only 12 what does he know anyway.

I got another cup of coffee and sat down at the table where he was sitting. Calmly I asked why don't you like her? At this point I was unsure if I really wanted to know his answer. In this family, if you really don't want to know an honest answer, this is not the place to come.

His eyes looked up at me and said, "She is just to dang busy." What? You know mom, like just to much going on with her. Your other one wasn't as busy looking. I sometimes have a hard time communicating with this generation, the things that use to mean one thing now mean something else. Like the word "bad". It use to mean that if you were bad, your backside was in trouble, today if you are bad you are really kewl. still shaking head......

So I pulled up both avatars and had him explain. Well you know what he was right! She is "busy" looking compared to my other one. Busy translates to cluttered. My other avatar only said my selling ID Brightest Blessings and the new one has the whole name Brightest Blessings Wiccans.

So today I am going to contact Sharon and see if she can just use my selling ID. Out of the mouths of babes. LOL

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