Monday, February 2, 2009

Brightest Blessings Going to Sew

Good Morning! Today is February 2, 2009 Happy Imbolc ! The sun is staring to come up, over a pink sky. The squirrels are tearing up that feeder this morning, must be after those sunflower seeds. There are some many sparrow on the ground it appears to be moving. Those are some quick little critters. The cardinals are just sitting on the fence, no sign of the doves yet.

I found the cutiest little Bonanzle booth that makes handbags and other things, called rag quilting. I had never seen this before so after taking a closer look, she also has patterens for sale to make your own.

The small totes are my favorite. There is just enough room in them to take what is needed. After my children out grew the diapers and bottles I was free to go back to using a real handbag. Looking through Rag Quilt Creations Bonanzle booth I was hooked. This lady has some kind of talent!

So never really being a person that could sew, other than repacing a button or putting on a patch, I have decided that I want to learn to sew. I e-mailed her to find out if this pattern would be at a beginners level and she got right back to me with a yes. Thought that I had the fabric picked out only to find out that I need 5 inch squares and not 4 inch.

While picking out a pattern I thought well I will just have to have that lavender pin cushion as well. It is just beautiful!

After I get all of my listings changed out this week and finish up my clay Book of Shadows, next week I will spend time learning to sew. So many plans to make new things, like large totes to take into town, no more plastic. Make the grandkids quilts out of their outgrown clothing, just so many ideas.

Have a Happy Imbolc! Stop by my Bonanzle booth and chat, that would be fun!


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