Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Bonanzle Experience

Good Morning! Today is February 5, 2009 and a very cold morning it is about 18 degrees. The sun is not up yet, got an early start on the day. All is quiet.....

I received my patterns from Rag Quilt Creations and I do believe that I will be able to make these very cute handbags. Before buying I e-mailed her to ask if these would be a beginners project. When I say beginner, I mean staring from scratch, know nothing beginner. She e-mailed be right back saying that it would be a good beginner project.

The instructions are very clear and the pictures are awesome. Had a couple of questions, however after reading the instructions all of the way through a couple of times, I got it figured out. Something to be said about reading the directions first.

I had found the fabric that I really wanted to use. It is just beautiful and in purple! Only to realize that I needed 5 inch squares and not 4 inch. So at the advice of Rag Quilt Creations, I sent and e-mail to Brenda's Fabric Goodies inquiring if these also came in 5 inch squares.

Well to my surprise the seller came on line and answered my e-mail right away with a sure! I was shocked at the fast response and the willingness of this seller to help me with this project. Within a few hours, she had them shipped out to me. This in my book is terrific customer service. She has got my business. So wish me luck, I will be starting this project Saturday.

P1010109_thumb200 This is the handbag and this is the fabric.
P1060740_thumb200 Just beautiful colors together. So I figure I can use the purple and floral for the outside and the other two lilac patterns for the inside. Truly excited about this new learning experience! Looking forward to it.

Well I have one clay Book of Shadows almost finished that should be finished up on Saturday. Still haven't had time to get my listings changed over to the new templates from Sharon at SNL Designs. Am going to try to have them finished up by the end of the weekend.

Brightest Blessings!

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