Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Little Bonanzle Break

Today is Tuesday, February 10, 2009 and a beautiful day it is! The sun is shinning and a very slight breeze. The sparrows are just loving it.

Bonanzle has been running a little slow this week, so gave up on redoing my listing with my new templates that Sharon from SNL Designs has designed and worked so hard on. Bonanzle is getting yet another server update sometime this week. So after that happens I will try it again. Just gives me a chance to get some things finished up at the house. A little break.

Have one clay BOS almost ready and excited about it. Still working on my sewing, have had some major interruptions this week here at home. Might have a son moving back home, this economy has got to get moving.

So with that said, I know have to clean out the "spare" room. What a real job this has turned out to be. Nothing in that room can go into the shed, climate control. Have tons of tattoo stuff and all of the body piercing stuff that has to stay clean. The autoclave machine, the hot iron press, the tattoo guns all have to go into totes and stored somewhere else in the house.

Last night was just a beautiful night just an awesome Snow Moon. It was a little chilly, however it was a very clear night, some very good energy.

Colors for the week:
Monday - Lavender
Tuesday - White
Wednesday - Brown
Thursday - Green
Friday - Coral
Saturday - Blue
Sunday - Gold

Stop by my Bonanzle Booth and chat. Brightest Blessings!

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