Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ghost Booth At Bonanzle

Yes Bonanzle has it's own Ghost! How many sites can say that? Ghost has so many kewl Bonanzle items for sale! No coffee mugs yet, however lots of other stuff. Check this stuff out.

Pink_thumb200 Bonanzle logo pink women's tank $16.00 Summer IS coming and it is in PINK ! I love pink and purples! Not to mention that orange and green seem to match very well together! These also come in grey and white.
Or420_82_thumb200 Bonanzle logo Organic T-shirt MEDIUM Natural $15.00 An organic t-shirt for only $15? This is a great deal.

P2050012_thumb200 Bonanzle logo Large Tote with zipper closure $13.00 I love totes to take to town, hate plastic bags. Where are you going to get a tote this size with a zipper closure?
P2050017_thumb200 Bonanzle logo tote bag $12.00 This is the other style of the tote bags, think green! (well and orange, hehehe)
Or420_22_thumb200 Bonanzle logo t-shirt MEDIUM River Blue $16.00 You can also get these t's in pink, gray and white. I still like the pink best.

Ghost also has some really great deals on memberships.
Bonanzle3_thumb200 Plus Membership: One Month $10.00 You aren't going to get a better deal than that for the fastest growing e-commerece site not to mention the friendliest. Although you can also pay it by the year and save $20, a full year for only $100!

Now if you would like to be a Premiere Member it is $24 a month or pay by the year and save $48 a year.

If you get a chance, stop over and see our Bonanzle Ghost. Just because he isn't in his Bonanzle booth, doesn't mean that he isn't in someone else booth. hehehe

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