Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today is Wednesday, June 24, 2009. The sun is shinning and the birds are singing. What more could you ask for? Freedom....

I normally don't get to political, however the last week or ten days have been very disturbing to me. Watching the protesters in Iran, fighting for their freedom, something that everyone should have. Watching them beaten, shot and hung. This is their government? They have nothing to defend themselves with, stones and each other. No one outside of their country seems to care what is happening to these people. How sad this is.....

Then we have a government that wants to push the "Cap and Trade" through Friday in two days. This will cause ALL taxes to go up AGAIN! Here is a link to go to to have your voice heard,Vote No on H.R.2454 maybe someone that we pay their paycheck to will listen.

The national health care is very scary to me. I was born in Alaska and seen my share of our neighbors from Canada come to Alaska to get an infected tooth pulled because they couldn't get into a dentist in Canada. Others came to go to the doctors, the wait list was months long to get into a doctor in Canada. They had no choice, they had no medical or dental without months on a "waiting list" to get seen. Is this what we really want to happen here? Not to mention that our medical records will be seen by all in Washington. Oh, I know, they are private, but this is Washington that is in charge of these records. LOL

I am so glad I am at the age I am, although, I feel for my children and grandchildren future. Their rights are being taken one at a time and they will be paying for all of this for their entire life.

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