Sunday, June 7, 2009

Go Green Jean Rag Quilt Tote

Today is Sunday, June 7, 2009. We have had storms on and off again for the past week. Well since last Tuesday. Trying to attend to plants that need attention with these storms has not been an easy task. Not to mention those mosquito's! Oh are they bad! This is a picture of the Staghorn Fern that was taken off of one needed to be split up, it was huge.

Went to the flea market yesterday only to be rained out. So off to get groceries we went. It has been a very quiet weekend, most welcomed. Was able to get some things finished up and get family things done.

Here is another one of the totes that I finished up. I really like this one! It is made from a pair of jeans. Go green! This is my "Go Green Jean Rag Quilt Tote" . This was the first time that I had broken a needle was while making this one. Scared me when it happened. LOL

Full View of Front
Close up of Front
Inside Showing the Four Pockets

Close up of Back Side
One Side
And the Other Side

This one I made a clay button and added the daisy to it to match the tote. It measures 10"x 7" with a 3 3/4" gusset. The straps are 2 1/2" wide with an 8 1/2" drop also made of the jeans. Just the right size.

Remember tonight is the Strong Sun Moon, recharge yourself! Brightest Blessings!

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