Sunday, January 3, 2010

Colder than Cold

Today is Sunday, January 3, 2010. Let me tell you it is COLD here! In the teens for the next couple of weeks and there is no way I am going anywhere that I don't have to go. I will sit inside the comfort of a 70 degree home and watch the critters. The sparrows and cardinals have been here the last couple of days and they don't seem to mind the weather one bit. I still think that if it is going to be this cold here, then we should have the snow to go with it.

Hubby left about noon today, for what we are thinking three weeks, but as we have all seen, who knows how long. LOL He said that if he doesn't get the hours there that they had told him they were getting he is going to go to Charleston. It is only about four hours away instead of the seven. The only draw back is that some of the guys he worked with here have only been home twice since July. I just don't see him doing that. He tells me he is fat, dumb and happy right here at home. I tried to make it a better situation, if he worked for two years there, he could semi-retire. We would be debt free. So at least he left here in a little better spirit than the last time. Just twenty-four months and not have to worry about it.

Even though I try to make sense of all of this with him having to contract, I really hate it. No matter how much I try to make him feel better about it, no matter how much I tell him not to worry about the home front, I hate it. I miss getting his coffee in the morning, enjoying it together. I miss watching him out the window puttsing around the yard. I miss him and the boys having war of words at the dinner table. I miss him yelling, Baby what's wrong with this thing? Referring to the computer. I miss his touch, his smell, I miss him.

We had a wonderful New Year's eve, stayed at home and the kids dropped by one at a time. He had gotten a bushel of Oysters. No, I don't eat these things raw! UGH! He does and a couple of the boys do, so they were in heaven. We did steam a few and that was enough for me with the weather being so cold. Maybe it is just me, but I don't like to eat with my jacket on. Now if it were the summer and a bushel of blue claw crabs well, look out, I can throw them bad boys down.

I did my ritual and placed all of my crystals and tools out to be cleansed and charged. It was a beautiful Blue Moon, even with all of the clouds. So full of energy!

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. Aww hon..I'm sorry. It's so hard when they are gone!! Big hugs hon. I am here if ya need me!
    In the teens there??? Wow..we must have switched states..I had my windows wide open today???!!!! Can't believe it..usually 12 degrees with 5 feet of snow. Stay warm and cozy hon!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  2. Hey Dede I understand about what you are saying about when he is gone. My hubby travels with his job also. It gets really lonely sometimes. But I always look forward to the phone calls I bet you do as well.
    Sweetie I am here if you ever need to talk.
    Prim Blessings

  3. Dede, I understand exactly what you mean about missing least it sounds like you had a good new years and also that you have a bit more family time then some.... I have to tell myself the same thing sometimes when Vincent is gone for long periods of time... I always feel that such times are meant possibly for me to do something that I would not otherwise do if he were home with me... as I know I would spend it with him... The cold... I hear you... 75 more days until spring... believe me I am counting....

  4. I like the way you turned the situation with your husband into a positive. And it's good that you aren't trying to deny your feelings that go along with him being away. Your feelings need to be named and dealt with even when you are trying to be strong and positive. This must be an opportunity for you in some way.
    As far as the weather goes I agree about staying in and keeping warm!!!

  5. Awww Blessings to your heart sweetie. It will all fall into place. I couldnt cleanse my home ...I could not find my sage. me with an alternative could ya...


  6. I'm so sorry that you are having to go through this separation Dede. You are SO brave and strong, to put on an encouraging front to him, while it is tearing you apart inside. It has to be a comfort to him too, that you are keeping it going at home too, at least the things you can do.

    We are now on the albeit, slow, but still the upswing towards warm weather, and you'll be able to start doing some projects around there, which may make the time go by faster.

    Were you able to sign up for some home improvement classes like you had planned?

  7. I'm laughing about the oysters! I'm out at the BBQ in the snow here - crazy, I know, but I just can't have a fried steak! I really do need to buy a indoor grill!

    I imagine it must be so hard having your hubby go. I watched my sister in law and the nices cry everytime my brother went out to the oil rigs for three weeks at a time. But having a goal to look forward to really helps. Two years seems like forever, but really will fly by.

    Glad you got some quality time while he was here and with the kids too!

    Hugs to you, Dede!

  8. Some people they say... the best way to know that you love somebody.. is when he/she is away from home for a considerable time in terms of weeks or months.

    I usually dont agree with this idea, but, probably ... it is true!

  9. Ooooo Dede, this has to be tough for all of you. I was so hoping that Jacksonville was going to happen for you both. So glad you had a great New Year's eve!!!

    What is up with your weather girl?????? It would be warmer if it was snowing, lol.

    Keeping my fingers crossed some better choices come your way!!!



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