Friday, February 12, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

300 PM EST THU FEB 11 2010

Today is Friday, February 12, 2010. This appeared in my in box, are you kidding me? I had to read it twice and make sure of the area location. This morning I turned on the Weather Channel only to see that yes, there is a very good chance of snow.

George is coming home this weekend, it is a three day weekend for him. He is not happy about the snow and is considering leaving very early today from work. Called me this morning and was concerned about the interstate closing. I don't think the snow will stick, although looking at what has happened in Texas, anything is possible. This winter has proven to be anything but normal.

Today is my go to town day. YUCK! Would much rather be in a nice warm, dry house. It has rained all night again, everything is so wet. Wednesday night the dogs went after a skunk. You would think they would learn to leave them alone. They now stink so bad and the tomato juice did not help. In fact I think it made it worse. Needless to say they are not coming in the house. If you have any knowledge to get rid of this smell, please, please let me know. I will be forever in your debt.

Cleaned house yesterday and worked very little on projects. One is almost complete, maybe today I will have time to finish it. I need to get in a forward direction to town, before I talk myself right out of going. Stay safe and warm.

Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. ~Brightest Blessings~


  1. I'm with you and not happy about that snow! My hubby is on his way down now. He's in Georgia now I hope he's not driving in the mess! :(

  2. Things are never dull around your house, are they? lol

    I hope that George doesn't have to drive through snow, nor you, on your errands! I know that road crews in your section of the country aren't equipped to handle it. Who'd think that Florida DDOT would have to buy salt or snow plows?

    As for your poor puppy woofers, this remedy always worked for me, but it works best if you can apply it as soon as you can after the altercation. But you should still try it now.

    Mix a quart bottle of hyrogen peroxide, a quarter cup of baking soda and just a few drops of MILD liquid dishwashing soap in a container, (don't use Dawn, nor shampoo) and add enough water, up to a quart, to wash a dog. There will be a chemical reaction, causing fizzing. Don't put a lid on the container, and make sure and use it immediately. Don't wet the dog, but thoroughly rub this solution deep down into the hair. You can use a sponge, but don't put it in a spray bottle. (Keep out of the dogs eyes & ears. .you might want to put in some eye lubricant that is safe for dogs, to help protect them. .ask your vet which ones are safe.). Let it sit in the hair for 10 minutes or so. .longer if the dog will let you, then rinse, rinse, and rinse again until all traces are removed. If the skunky smell is still there, you can repeat. Then make a batch for the other dog. Dump any unused solution down the drain. I wish that we lived closer, I'd come and help you. Good luck!

  3. thought of you yesterday when I saw that it was to snow in Flordia... We got some of that snow yesterday that hit Texas, although they got it much worse.... I am getting rather sick of winter yet trying to keep a positive attitude about it.... Heres hoping George gets home safe and that you have a wonderful weekend.... sorry to hear about your dogs..hopefully Suzie's remedy will work.... good luck

  4. Oh my, sorry about the dogs!

    Stay warm and dry and have a great weekend.


  5. Holly molly SNOW in Florida!! My husband's boss and my sister and their families (not together of coarse, lol, just happen to both be going at the smae time) are on their way to Orlando!!! Hope everyone has a safe trip!!! Poor doggies and you, ewww, that is a horrible smell!!


  6. Suzie I am in your debt! I read your comment after I came home and went back to town to get the hyrogen peroxide. Didn't have enough to do both of them. IT WORKED! Doc and Lady would like to say thank you! They get to sleep in the house tonight and it is cold outside. They are sleeping now, one on young sons bed and the other on the love seat. You know what a traumatic experience a bath can be. LOL You are the bestest Suzie!

  7. Yay!!! I'm SO happy that it worked for you!! When we lived out in the country, I kept some fresh regular hydrogen peroxide (it loses it potency after awhile) in the house, just in case, along with a bottle of ivory liquid for dishes. .I always had the baking soda because I baked so often, much like you do.

    My Samantha was a very friendly and curious dog, but other critters didn't always give her a chance to tell them that she was just saying, "welcome!"

    My payment is the warm feeling in my heart that you just gave me, knowing that they are safe and warm inside snoozing and dreaming doggie dreams instead of outside trying to keep warm, and wishing that smell would go away. :-)

    Happy Hugs!!


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