Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beautiful Thursday!

Fresh strawberries and pound cake for dessert tonight.
Today is Thursday, January 31, 2013.  Wow! Did we have the thunderstorms last night.  All day we were supposed to have them, the house was opened up and smelling pretty good, a great breeze was rolling through all day.  And then about an hour after dark, bam! The rains came pouring down.  I was standing at the kitchen sink and heard it open up. However this morning, it is just gorgeous outside and a sweet gentle breeze again. 

Got young son's laundry almost done this morning and started side two of two more wooden journals that will be listed maybe tomorrow, if not for sure Saturday after the flea market. George said he would take off Saturday so that we could go.  I love that man! He tickles me.  Like I can't go get my nails done and go to the flea market by myself. Okay.....I think it has to do with me being out without him.  Since all of the heath issues, (I refuse to say it or write it the "C" word, I will not give it that much credit) he doesn't let me out of his sight.  He takes my car to work, "the brake lights on the bug aren't working." so I am not able to go anywhere.  Not that it bothers me, but I sure do feel like a big kid when I sneak off by myself. I know he is being protective, but honey, I'm a big girl now.....

I would love to go to the big one in Jacksonville and see my favorite grand babies.  I bought her a tablet that might just be here by the weekend and if it is, well we are going to the big city this weekend, if not, we go to the local flea market.  Got some great CD's for only $2 each a couple of weekends ago.  We got some other things too, but damn if I can remember what we got.  I know that I have lost memory since the radiation treatments.  It's like relearning so much every time I do things that I have done hundreds of times before.  I thought that this would get  better, but it hasn't.  

Might even mow the lawn this afternoon if all goes well, which it should there is no reason that it shouldn't, right?  Young son finally went and got his license a few months back and then went out and bought himself a Mustang.  The boy loves his Mustangs.  I wanted him to get a small SUV, he is very tall and really needs leg room, looks like he is driving from the back seat.  Now he has decided that he would like to have a small SUV........go figure, what does mom know.  He  paid cash for the car so now he will have to sell it before buying something else if he doesn't want a payment. Life lessons, better to learn them while at home rather than out there on his own. 

~Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today!~ Brightest Blessing


  1. Hi sorry about Hot Rocks. I had forgotten she closed her store due to health. It seems we are all in the same boat. I am sending healing energy your way. You live close to Jacksonville, FL? My son and his family live there.
    Wishing you a wonderful day

  2. Your dessert looks so good. Strawberry shortcake is my absolute favorite.

  3. Yummy! Pregnant belly makes lots of noises! Thank the Goddess i have strawberries in the fridge because my mouth is full of saliva!
    Wishes of light and thoughts of love!


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