Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Storms

Today is Thursday, April 4, 2013.  WOW did the storms roll in yesterday afternoon and I do think that they were here most of the night.  Today doesn't look so hot either.  What's the saying about April showers bring May flowers, we should have  gorgeous flower beds!

Regardless of the storms, I was able to start painting and was able to get all of the posts painted and on all sides of them.  However, when starting the first panel, well it got very loud and then the sky opened up.  So that ended that for the day and now with the panels wet, they won't get done today unless the sun comes to rescue me.

So inside to do the things that I really enjoy doing like balance the checkbook and paying bills. Gotta love that job, yeah okay.  Got young sons laundry done and made these peanut butter no bake cookies.  Nothing to write home about. So won't be making these again.  But I do think I will make some rice crispy treats today, haven't made those in a long time, a good snack.  Need to make biscuits for the week again too and then I do think I will get those placemats finished today.  The comforter and shams are supposed to be here tomorrow so I will be able to go shopping for some matching fabric.  I really hate having to go shopping for fabric. (evil laugh)  Made meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy last night and it was really good.  I think sometimes we get into a rut with what to cook and old favorites get lost or forgotten.  A few weeks ago I didn't have enough potatoes to make enough mashed potatoes, so  I used some of the instant potatoes ( I use them for sourdough starter bread) to add to the fresh potatoes.  Ladies, let me tell you young son and George both wanted to know what was wrong with the potatoes?  I started laughing so hard, they are so spoiled, they wanted nothing to do with those instant potatoes.  I still laugh when thinking about it.

Going to try not to do a lot today, that painting yesterday really got to my body, shoulder, arm and neck are all still sore this morning and I truly hate taking pain meds.

~Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow,  but live today!~ Brightest Blessing


  1. I must tell you that reading your daily posts have me very hyped up for my retirement. I can't wait to be free.

    1. My friend you are so going to love it! So very much to do and you will find so many things that you and hubby will now be able to do and enjoy each others company again, no time tables just freedom to do as the two of you please.


  2. Hi Dede! I am laughing about the potatoes. Mine are so spoiled, and if I every try and sneak in something easy, they catch me at it (or complain). But luckily they like the red potatoes with garlic and parmesan (you just cook the taters and smash them with the peels on! Weeee!). Meatloaf sounds good to me! :) Have a great (restful) day today. xox

    1. Pam I made these potatoes last night with steaks and they loved them! Thanks so much and they were super easy! The fact that I didn't have to peel them was a real plus! Thanks for sharing, you are the bestest!



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